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About Us

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Our journey started in March 2015.

Our common love for the Mediterranean, food and entrepreneurship led us to start a business with a strong focus on Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). EVOO was the underdog in what seemed to be a market saturated with butter (pun intended), and the emerging trend of coconut and other nut oils. We were on a mission to raise awareness of EVOO and its amazing health benefits!

We took many fun and educational road trips all over Australia to visit EVOO production sites, participated in EVOO industry events and even undertook EVOO tastings. We also met producers of olive oil-based skincare who really inspired us. By now, you probably understand why our products contain high amounts of olive goodness!

We had strong connections in the Australian olive industry, so we started thinking about how we could bring these connections, our knowledge of EVOO, and our professional skills in engineering and sales to create something unique that we could be proud of.

One thing we did not expect to find was the high amount of waste product generated from olive oil production such as the olive stones and pruned olive tree leaves. We started researching how we could repurpose and recycle this waste, and found that a lot of the health properties found in EVOO were also active in the olive stone and the olive tree leaves. We saw the opportunity to provide affordable but effective olive-inspired skincare for the modern conscious consumer.

Fast forward 6 months, and after rigorous testing, Ocean Deep was born! Our first product was created with powdered olive tree leaves and finely ground olive stone to make a powerful dry antioxidant exfoliator/scrub that was fully natural, safe for us and our environment.
Our tagline? Save your Skin, Save the Ocean.

From here on, it was clear to us that Ocean Deep would have as its foundation a mission to create products that were better for the environment. We decided that part of the profits would be distributed to environmentally sustainable projects. This is our passionate volunteer work whilst we both work full-time jobs we love.

We are a young company with the aim to make positive change. As we learn and grow, we hope to see Ocean Deep develop into something we can be proud of. We invite you to be part of this journey, empowering you and others to create a better future!



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From your friends,

Andrea and Zi