Why #chooseoceandeep?

Why #chooseoceandeep?


The greatest thing about being a social enterprise is that the underlying goal whilst doing business is to help others and spread positive impact. Our profits empower sustainable projects, meaning that with every purchase you are contributing to the greater good, be it the conservation of marine life, the research of biodegradable packaging, funding an innovative idea that strengthens community or supporting your local charity. Due to this business structure, we ensure we create products with purpose, use our profits to empower others and live rewarding sustainable lifestyles. Some of our products such as the exfoliant and the serum operate on a 100% profit structure to maximise our efforts in this area. To see our initiatives click here!


Ocean Deep is a 100% Natural – your skin is the largest organ so it’s really important that you treat your skin right. You can start by eliminating chemicals and silica (plastic) from your skincare routine and choosing alternative all-natural products.


Our tagline ‘Save your skin, save the ocean’ is a simple concept of using products that are safe for you and are also eco-friendly. There is so much plastic pollution in the ocean, it’s time we ban the micro-bead and choose alternative skincare that’s safe for all. Our Exfoliant does not pollute waters with plastic, so you can have a peace of mind every time you wash your face. All our other ingredients are 100% natural and co-exist beautifully on our earth.


Up-cycling means the reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. We’ve taken the opportunity to up-cycle the byproducts of olive-oil production which include amazing ingredients such as the olive leaf and olive stone (pips) to create innovative skincare products with high antioxidants.


By up-cycling, you are creatively reusing something that already exists, so not only are the products natural and eco-friendly, we also pride ourselves in sourcing ingredients that are sustainable. We love creating products that inspire pathways to sustainable living, and tackling a daily routine like skincare is a sure way to implement sustainable habits. If you start using sustainable skincare daily, you’ll be able to introduce other sustainable habits in no time!


We use simple effective ingredients and no fillers, so when you see a product labelled olive-leaf, it means it’s a main ingredient, not a silly 1% extract that we see in far too many labels today. So far, the most ingredients we have used in a product is 3! You are buying a high-quality concentrated product when you purchase Ocean Deep. We do not add fragrances to our products so they are suitable for the most sensitive of skin types.


The high levels of oleuropein in olive leaf is responsible for its anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Oleuropein itself has 400% more antioxidants than Vitamin C and double the antioxidants of green tea!

The Olive pip’s main component is cellulose and it has many bio-active compounds, which makes it the perfect regenerating exfoliant when finely grounded.

Known as nature’s facelift, olive squalane is a vegan friendly anti-aging serum used to hydrate skin. It contains antibacterial and antioxidant properties to counteract eczema, psoriasis, treat scars and pigmentation. Olive Squalene does not clog pores so it can penetrate on a cellular level and repair your skin. It is also fragrance free and ideal for the most sensitive skins. With its amazing absorption rate and non greasy feel, add it to your beauty routine as a serum, lip balm, hair and massage treatment and as a make up remover. Human skin contains 12% squalene, which is its principal lipid, natural emollient, moisturiser and skin anti-oxidant. Squalene is a naturally occurring substance found in olives. It is bio-compatible with the skin and has a similar molecular structure to the squalene secreted by the skin’s oil glands. As we age, the squalene on our skin declines, causing dehydration, sensitivity and ageing. This product helps to replenish the squalene in our skin, naturally. Squalene locks moisture into the skin, hydrates, revitalises and strengthens skin tissue through hydration, combats dryness and flaky skin, and protects the skin from harsh environmental elements. Unlike traditional/commercial squalene that is sourced from shark livers, our squalane is extracted from olives. It’s time to educate

Clay has a long history of use by men and animal alike. Clay has been used as a sun protectant, as a wound healer, as a skin reliever from irritants, and consumed for its high nutrient and mineral content. Most vitamins come from clay. We use two clays for our different masks, the white clay calms and soothes, whilst the green clay is perfect for drawing out toxins, toning the skin and tightening pores.


Have a favourite cleanser or moisturiser already? Not a problem! Ocean Deep was created to compliment your existing skincare routine. Add the exfoliant to your cleanser to create a scrub, use the serum with your moisturiser for an added kick of antioxidants, and treat your skin with a facial mask every 1-2 weeks. Depending on your skin type, you can also control how much exfoliant you add to your cleanser to suit your desire for a mild scrub or a deeper cleanse.


Take them everywhere, to the gym, on the plane, on your travels.


Packaging is a huge waste! We put a lot of thought into our product creation, from the sourcing to the delivery, so you can rest assure we are reducing our footprint by choosing sustainable alternatives. We utilise amazing tote bags to store our products, and hope you’ll reuse your tote bag for anything you wish! Same goes for the wooden spoon that is included in the masks. We proudly use green eco wrap and recycled jiffy bags to pack and ship orders.


Ocean Deep is proudly olive-inspired and plant based. We use organic products where we can, and source the highest quality ingredients to create effective products. We wanted anyone to be able to use our products and empower sustainable projects.


We are an ethical company and our profits actually support the welfare of animals and our ecosystems.


Ocean Deep is made in small batches. This is to prevent an over flux of stationary inventory where shelf life decreases.



We have been given an incredible lifetime opportunity to relocate to New York, as such, Ocean Deep will be taking a hiatus until further notice. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and for all your support throughout the years.  Dismiss